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Light and Twilight Chp 3- P.2
Chronicles of the Twili: Man and Wolf
Link usually avoided the cities, sticking to towns and villages. For one, people in the smaller towns seemed to be much warmer, kinder people and offered up their hospitality with this stranger. They were also easier to protect (if it needed protection), had less people to sidetrack him, and if a wolf was caught wandering about at some point, they tended to be less paranoid, or at the very least, frightened enough to leave him alone. Cities, from his experience in Hyrule (he doubted cities differed much from world to world), were less hospitable, had a lot more people, and, of course, were bound to be more dangerous for a wolf or stranger.
But he had to find out how close he was to the Palace of Twilight. He needed to restock on food, water, potions (they did have potions and milk here, albeit slightly different), and arrows. He’d used some of his other weapons from time to time, but bombs were not something that was very common and was hesita
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Light and Twilight Chp 3- P.1
It had been four years since Zant’s take over of the Palace of Twilight, and since Princess Midna’s disappearance. When she returned and resumed power, the evil that lingered from Zant’s corrupt rule was slowly exterminated. Very few were aware of what had actually happened. What is known to the Twili was this:
Princess Midna had been attacked by Zant and vanished. With the help of the Sacred Beast, she stopped his rampage and his attack on the Light Realm and helped save the Twilight Realm. The Sacred Beast and Princess Midna defeated Zant and the evil one who had granted him his enormous powers, and took back her thrown. The Sacred Beast disappeared.
Princess Midna had told them no more of what had occurred in the world of light. In the years that followed, the palace was returned to its former glory, and the Twili’s lives returned to normalcy. But the ruler of the Twili had changed from her journey, and brought back to her people something they had lost over t
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Light and Twilight Chp 2
The year passed by slowly. Princess Zelda returned to her castle and continued her rule without distraction, a welcome relief to all. Link grew much more lighthearted, but was gone for long stretches at a time, presumably in the Sacred Grove where he searched for an entrance into the land of the goddesses.
As the year since the Princess's visit began to come to a close, a worry settled over the people of Ordon Village. They still did not know much more than what had been told by Rusl and Bo. They watched Link with growing trepidation, wondering what would happen to him, worrying about an awful fate that could await him.
Link, on the other hand, seemed oblivious to their worry. He was a veritable lightning bolt, filled with energy and electrical excitement.
As the day loomed ever nearer, Ordon Village grew tense.

Chronicles of Hyrule: The Wolf
Link watched with the usual marvel as the light of the setting sun and the darkening sky glowed within Midna's stone. His own talisman was
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Light and Twilight Chp 1- P.2
SPOILERS: You must've beaten Twilight Princess in order to read this. If not, it won't make sense and you'll ruin the game for yourself if you do that. And you're not allowed to blame me. Oh no. Because I warned you.
So yeah. Spoilers ahoy.
Chronicles of Hyrule: The Hero and the Princess
Link woke up at dawn, like he usually did, and prepped Epona for a long ride. They both needed the exercise, and after the conversation with Ilia the night before, he'd had uncomfortable dreams and a restless sleep. He rode hard, enjoying the crisp morning air and fog, the dew beading on his skin, the dampening of his hair and clothes. He enjoyed the feel of Epona's powerful body beneath him, letting the few hours of riding, lift his spirit and clear his hazy mind.
When he returned to Ordon, he cleaned off Epona and brushed her down, before making his breakfast. He didn't get very far with it, before he was interrupted with a loud pounding at his door, making him jump and almost dump all his eggs on th
:icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 17 17
Light and Twilight Chp 1- P.1
SPOILERS: You must've beaten Twilight Princess in order to read this. If not, it won't make sense and you'll ruin the game for yourself if you do that. And you're not allowed to blame me. Oh no. Because I warned you.
So yeah. Spoilers ahoy.
Chronicles of Hyrule: The Hero and the Princess
Three years have passed since Hyrule Castle was destroyed. To this day, very few know what truly went on in Hyrule at that time. What is known among the people is this:
The world was covered with an evil spawned by Ganondorf. Monsters engulfed Hyrule. The Hero came again, as he had throughout the ages, and defeated the evil. Hyrule Castle was consumed by that darkness until the Hero came to free it. In the process, the darkness was destroyed once more. In the last great battle, the castle itself was destroyed by a powerful clash of magic, but the Hero and the Princess Zelda were victorious.
In the years that followed, the castle was rebuilt. The Hero, who had returned to his homeland in Ordon
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Midna in Ordon :spoilers: by dusks-witch Midna in Ordon :spoilers: :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 22 10 Midna :spoiler: by dusks-witch Midna :spoiler: :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 6 12 Haydee by dusks-witch Haydee :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 1 11 EOMN Chibis by dusks-witch EOMN Chibis :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 1 2 DnD EOMN Mayhem 04 by dusks-witch DnD EOMN Mayhem 04 :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 1 0 DnD EOMN Mayhem 03 by dusks-witch DnD EOMN Mayhem 03 :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 2 4 DnD EOMN Mayhem 02 by dusks-witch DnD EOMN Mayhem 02 :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 3 16 DnD EOMN Mayhem 01 by dusks-witch DnD EOMN Mayhem 01 :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 1 12 Twilight Princess Love by dusks-witch Twilight Princess Love :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 1 4 LoZ: WW-- Tetra by dusks-witch LoZ: WW-- Tetra :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 1 6 Swimsuits by dusks-witch Swimsuits :icondusks-witch:dusks-witch 0 8

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later this week

Wed Sep 5, 2007, 1:47 PM
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..........Borders is a good place.

Will be on later this week. I've got class in 15 minutes, so I can't talk now. Then I've got homework to do. Tomorrow, I'll finish up the homework and go to the class I've got tomorrow.

Ideally, I'll be on this Friday if no other person is on the comp at home. I'll get back to everyones messages and notes ASAP.

It's good to be back in school, but damn are they keeping me busy! Two heavy duty Creative Writing classes are bound to kill me eventually.

But I'm psyched!


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ManLion Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
I really like your Twilight Princess fanfic......are you going to continue it?
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i like your breath of fire 3 story keep writing them
slek Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010
I love the work you've done, both the Twilight Princess fanfic and the one for Breath of Fire 3. There really isn't enough Rei/Momo out there. Though I must say I'm beginning to wonder if they will ever be finished. I certainly hope so! I guess life is keeping you busy. Keeping my fingers crossed for future updates.
momo144 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010
i might say but i really love ur twilight princess story! i am starting to write a story myself about after what happens in the game xD
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...Are you going to be finishing the BOF3 fic at all?
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Wow you been away for a long time...Are you ever going to finish that Twilight fan fic of yours?
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sorry, new name is somnion, sometimes i wonder
mollymckoy Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi, posted last week, not much to say, I'll be posting soon again. Wings-of-hell changed his name to simmion, he is just
ArgosIosidess Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2007
Okay, so I took about two years off from playing Shadow Hearts 3. Recently, I figured I'd made it about 3/4 of the way through, I might as well finish it/ give it another shot.

I don't know if you've played all the way through, or if you hit the same wall I did, but the more I play it, the more it defies everything that we've been told in the previous games. I don't know if it can even be considered canonical to the world of Shadow Hearts anymore, much as it depresses me to say that.
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